Bulevar Krajia Aleksandra 24/5 Vračar Beograd PB 11000

The health programs of New Health System (N.H.S.) provide to their members Unlimited Medical Visits to doctors of all specialties, either to outpatient bigger groups of private hospitals and polyclinics, or to a Nationwide Network of a thousand eight hundred (1800) selected and geographically distributed private clinics of any specialty.

Nationwide network of private clinics is electronically connected with the Coordination Center of N.H.S., which enables to members of the programs DIRECTLY book their appointment with doctor network, by phone, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.
N.H.S. programs provide:

A. Outpatients Hospitals/ Diagnostic Centers/ Health Centers & Polyclinics
Unlimited Medical Visits to all available medical specialties

With member’s participation of 1.000 din per visit.


Bulevar Krajia Aleksandra 24/5
Vračar Beograd PB 11000
Tel: 0114115200
e-mail: info@newhealthsystem.rs